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We are women dedicated to taking high-impact action against climate change. If you are feeling helpless in the face of the deadly impacts of climate change, join us and follow our five step programme for effective climate action:

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Understand the urgency

Know the Solutions

Raise your voice

Stop Funding
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Our principles

Womans Climate Action is a non-hierarchical climate action network.

We are dedicated to holding global governments accountable for their inaction in tackling catastrophic climate change.

We provide No Nonsense Climate Action with maximum impact for the climate.

“We call on women across the globe to set up a regular climate strike in their local area – be that a city, town, village, or neighbourhood – to demand immediate action on the climate catastrophe. No gathering is too small!”

– Women’s Climate Strike

extinguishing a forest fire
Understand the urgency


Understanding why climate action is needed now is key to motivating individual, community and political change.

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Watch a documentary
Understand the urgency


If you want to learn more about the science and impacts of climate change, then there are a great range of documentaries out there that

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Join us and each week we’ll send you simple, but high-impact actions you can take to tackle the Climate Crisis.