Stop Funding Climate Change

One of the most powerful tools for change we have is consumer spending. Where we spend our money matters and it’s important to spend it with companies whose ethics are in line with ours.

Ethical Consumer magazine runs a powerful boycott campaign and keeps up to date on the ethics of major businesses in terms of their impact on climate change, human rights, animal welfare and sustainability.

Have a watch of the video below to learn why boycotting companies is powerful and effective…

Great reasons to boycott a company:

  • Vote with your money. 
  • It’s easy – you can boycott any company that does not align with your ethical values.
  • It’s effective – when you boycott a company, let them know. The bad publicity will impact them more than their bottom line.
  • It can save you money. Often, you realise you can do without the things you might usually buy.

The naughty list…
If you want to join in with those boycotting unethical companies worldwide, here’s a list to start you off…

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