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The latest IPCC report is the starkest warning yet that our planet is heading for catastrophic climate breakdown. While it is vital that governments and businesses tackle climate change as a matter of urgency, our consumer spending power can lead the way. One of the most impactful actions you can take for the climate is to pledge to stop flying. For a sustainable planet, individuals should emit no more than 2.3 tonnes of Carbon each year. That budget is easily used up by just one long-haul flight.

Just one return flight can emit more carbon than driving a car or eating meat for a whole year. 

Check out the video below from Flight Free UK.

Can stopping flying make a difference to climate change?
Flight Free UK explores this issue. It’s true that in the short term the plane will go anyway, and your seat will probably be filled by someone else but if less people are fly to a destination it will become unprofitable and the route will eventually be cancelled. 
If people keep flying, the air routes remain, airports will expand, and more routes will be added. Investors will keep putting money into airports as long as passengers keep buying tickets.

If you stop flying, it connects your actions with your beliefs and values but it also sends a message to the people around you. If one person stops flying, it only makes a small difference. But when many people stop, it adds up.

Here are some great tips from Flight Free UK

Take the Flight Free Pledge with Flight Free UK. 
• Write to your MP and your local councillors. Tell them about your pledge and why you think it’s important. Ask them to pledge too!
• Ask at work about policies to reduce business flying. For some companies it is their biggest source of emissions.
• When you take a holiday without flying, tell your friends how great it was. Post photos on social media, and make sure everyone knows how you got there. And big up the companies that have helped you travel flight free.
• When other people talk about their trips and holidays, mention that you don’t fly because you are worried about climate change. Or say ‘I’ve challenged myself not to fly this year.’ It’s not about flight shaming. It’s just showing that another way of travelling and enjoying life is possible.

Want to explore other ways to travel?

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