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Effective Climate Action can be boiled down to four core things:

  • Divest your money: The money in your current account, savings accounts, pensions, insurance and investments could be funding climate change. That means that YOU could be funding climate change. The best way to start, it to find out what your bank is funding and if they’re funding climate change, then it’s time to switch!
  • Stop buying stuff: The most powerful agent we have for political change we have, is our money. Make sure that the money you spend is not funding climate change. The most radical act you can take today, is to chose to spend your money more ethically.
  • Raise your voice: Many people think that they are powerless in the face of today’s outdated political systems, but in truth, lobbying your elected representatives can facilitate radical change – you just have to know how to best use your voice. We have put together information on how to make the most of your elected representatives.
  • Take Direct Action: There is power in numbers and working as communities. Whether it’s campaigning together to improve public transport in your local area, planting community woodlands or organising micro-activism events. Gathering a small community to work together against climate change can inspire and effect radical change. We cannot do this alone!

Explore the links the above to start your journey of effective climate action.

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