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Young multiracial people demonstrate on the street with banner for the climate change

Many of us don’t have the time or resources to engage in climate activism, but how about a spot of micro-activism? You could even make a difference in your lunch hour!

Check out the short video below of our micro-activism event in Stirling to highlight the fact that Barclays Bank is Europe’s dirtiest bank financing fossil fuel projects to the tune of $144 billion since the Paris Agreement in 2016.

Here’s how you can organise your own event:

  • Pick an issue you’re passionate about whether it’s fast fashion, banking, plastic pollution or renewable energy.
  • Get in touch with us,  or email us at: We can provide background research, banner slogans, hand-out cards to give out to the general public at your event, and help with writing press-releases.
  • Round up a couple of friends. You can demonstrate on your own, but it’s less daunting with other people!
  • If you can, make a banner or even a few small placards. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Pick a spot to demonstrate. Town or city centres around the lunchtime rush are ideal. If you pick the right time, one or two hours is plenty for an effective demo.
  • Tell other local climate action groups, like Extinction Rebellion or the Women’s Climate Strike, what you are doing. They may like to join you.
  • Let your local newspaper know when and where you will be demonstrating. We can help with writing a press-release either before or after your event.
  • Take photos and videos and share on social media.
  • As long as you are not obstructing any roads or footpaths and you are not causing any damage, your protest is legal. The police may come and talk to you, but remain calm and polite. If you prefer, you can call the police on 101 before your protest to let them know what you are planning and re-assure them that your protest will be peaceful and legal.
  • Do not get drawn into arguments with members of the public. In our experience, most people are supportive, but don’t waste your time on those that aren’t.
  • Enjoy making a difference!
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