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Tackling climate change on your own is a long and lonely slog, plus it will only work if we all take action together. There is power in numbers. If you want to double your impact on climate change, then a great start is by having conversations and follow it up by giving people the tools to take positive action. 

Watch Katherine Heyhoe’s great TedTalk on talking about climate change. Grab a cuppa – it’s just over 17 minutes long but well worth viewing:

Here’s our guide to talking to people about climate change:

  • Start conversations: Often we shy away from talking to people about climate change because it all seems too big or too depressing, but in a time of crisis, the most important thing we can do is to start to have meaningful conversations with people. It’s easy to talk to someone that we already know is worried about climate change, but it’s important we are not just shouting into our own echo chamber. Start talking to other people, those that you haven’t spoken to it about before. Most of the time, you’ll find that they are probably just as worried as you are.
  • Don’t get dragged into arguments about the science: The science on climate change and the human impact on our planet is now irrefutable and agreed on by over 99% of the world’s scientists. If someone starts arguing with you about the science, don’t get drawn in, you’re unlikely to convince them. Save your breath and move on to someone else.
  • Use real-time examples: Our news is filled on an almost daily basis now with floods, heatwaves, fires and climate induced famines. Use these as examples of how climate-change is already here and how people are already being impacted and even killed by climate change.
  • Be honest and share your worries: Speak from the heart. What is it that worries you most about climate change?
  • Be an optimist: Climate conversations don’t have to be all doom and gloom. There is still hope to turn the climate crisis around, but only if we act now. There are also lots of really positive examples of climate action and what a Zero Carbon future could look like. Have a look at our Become and Optimist page for ideas.
  • Give people meaningful actions: If people feel empowered to take meaningful action then they are much more likely to be on board with you in tackling climate change.
  • Direct them to our web site: If you’re already here because you find this web site a useful place to find positive climate actions, then the likelihood is that other people will too. You can either direct them to our web site, or better still, get in touch with us for an information pack and we’ll send you some small business-sized cards to give out with a QR code and a link to our site. You’ll also find the template files for our cards below if you want to download them and have them printed by Vistaprint or another printer.
  • Tell us your stories: If you’ve had positive conversations with people and empowered them to take action, tell us about it – we’d love to know and if you want us to, we’ll share your good stories on our social media too!

Good luck!!

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