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Humans have flourished on Earth during a period of climate stability. Natural phenomenon like volcanic eruptions can cause perturbations in the climate, but these changes are often small and relatively short lived. More dramatic changes usually take place over thousands of years giving the biosphere time to adapt.
Since the Industrial Revolution though, our climate has warmed at an alarming rate and recent research shows that the past seven years have been the hottest on record.

The problem with such rapid warming is that is creates climate instability. We are already seeing the effects of this in the rapid rise in extreme events. 2021 saw record floods in Europe, heatwaves in the US Pacific Northwest and Europe, wildfires worldwide and killer tornados in December. For the first time ever, smoke from wildfires in Siberia reached the north pole.

Have a watch of the video below where Journalist and veteran environmental campaigner, George Monbiot, explains the real problem of climate instability. It’s seven and a half minutes long, so grab a cuppa!

The most important takeaway from this video is that there are also societal tipping points. If we can reach just 25% of the population and get them to understand the urgency of climate change, then we have a good chance of turning things around before we reach catastrophic climate breakdown.

Our best chance is if we all Raise Our Voices

We’ve put together a list of effective actions you can take in the Raise Your Voice section of this web site. 

Understand the urgency and become part of the solution.

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