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Stop Funding Heat is a campaign to make the spread of climate misinformation unprofitable. They call out companies and brands that advertise alongside climate misinformation. You can help support this campaign just by signing a petition, however there are ways to get more involved with their mission that will have a much bigger impact.


Climate misinformation:

Climate misinformation refers to the falsehoods presented online and in the media that result in delayed climate action. Climate disinformation is a type of climate misinformation that is spread with the intention to deceive, whereas the spread of this kind of information can often be due to genuine climate denial.

However, this kind of eye-catching headlines or videos can drive traffic, which makes it lucrative for advertisers. They would not spread online so quickly if advertisers refused to pay for ad space next to this kind of misleading content. As concerned consumers, calling out advertisers can help prevent this pattern we are seeing in the media lately, and hopefully prevent climate denial talking points from being normalised.


Ways to get involved:

  • Sign a petition to get Facebook to stop spreading climate denial on their platform
  • Join the Facebook group for Stop Funding Heat
  • Take screenshots of ads next to climate misinformation, and post it on social media (tag the advertiser and @stopfundingheat)
  • Volunteer for Stop Funding Heat (email to get connected)
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climate misinformation, Greenwashing
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