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Activists demonstrating against global warming

It can be overwhelming to think how YOU alone can tackle climate change. Do you question how a single person can have any impact on such a widespread issue? 

According to climate and environmental science experts, your advocacy efforts positively affect the planet. Your actions have a key role in inspiring others to get on board. 

Humans are an incredibly social species. Let’s use this to our advantage to incite change!  

“The actions of one individual initiate a ripple effect, influencing others to behave in a similar way.” 

Behaviours spread rapidly between us. This means that sustainability can and will spread rapidly once you take the first step. Once you begin acting and raising your voice, others will follow suit. 

Remember: Your Vote Counts  

  • Governments exist to serve the people, not the other way around.  
  • People in power, either in government or in big corporations, only got to where they are because of the votes and money invested in them by individuals.  
  • This means that we are the ones with the power and not them, despite how it may seem.  
  • If they aren’t acting responsibility and taking the necessary steps to combat climate change, we are not being provided with the value we should expect.  
  • Reports have shown that just 100 companies produce 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and many governments often fail to regulate these corporations’ actions. 

Use your vote! 

Choose candidates that believe in science and parties that will work towards climate protection. We can start holding governments and corporations accountable for their actions and move away from those who do not make sustainability a priority. You can find out about your local MP’s climate record here, and find out how to speak to them from our actions page

Uproot the System! #YouWorkForUs

  • Did you know the average political leader has a shelf-life of 10 years? 
  • Our MPs biggest concern is their 4 years in office. 
  • This results in short-lived climate policy and empty promises.  
  • We are calling for solutions longer than a MPs electoral cycle. 
  • Tweet, write or email your MP today.  
  • Use the hashtag #YouWorkForUs and #RagingForChange  

Speak up. Don’t forget about your most powerful tool: your voice

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