Press Release 6th November 2021


Press Release 6th November 2021

Press Release: Women’s Climate Action

Embargoed until 6th November 2021

New web site launched today aimed at tackling the root cause of climate change

Over 100,000 people are expected to march in Glasgow today to protest at the UK government’s inaction on climate change. Promises have been made and broken too many times and the commitments made so far at COP26 fall well short of those needed to keep the warming of our planet below 1.5oC – an essential target if we are to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

Today also marks the launch of the new web site by environmental pressure group, Women’s Climate Action. The web site and soon to be launched app, is a one-stop-shop for no nonsense climate action aimed at tackling the worst offenders of climate change by hitting the pockets of those businesses most culpable.

‘We know that the most effective agent of political change we have, is our money and what we spend it on,’ says Dr Sandy Winterbottom, co-founder of Women’s Climate Action. ‘Where you bank, where your savings are kept, where your pension is invested, right down to the food you put on your table and the clothes you wear, how you spend your money matters. And if the future of our planet and our children’s future matters to us, then we all need to stop funding climate change, however inadvertently we are doing it.’ gives people easy actions to take, with big impact and most of them can be done from the comfort of your own keyboard. ‘We are hopeful for the future,’ Dr Winterbottom says, ‘but only if business and governments take real and radical action now and not just pay lip-service to climate change action.

You can join Women’s Climate Action and take effective action by signing up on their web site at:

Contact: Women’s Climate Action


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